Live Peacefully with IBD

Mindfulness Practices to Help ...

  • Calm the Heart

  • Center the Mind

  • Feel More Peace, Less Stress

IBD Friends, I See You. I Hear You. I Feel You.

My name is Tara B.

I've been living with Ulcerative Colitis since 2011.  Living with Crohn's or Colitis is tough but mindfulness can help. Mindfulness teaches us to open to our struggles with compassion. Through practice we get to know ourselves, becoming aware of our emotions, body, and thoughts (oh, the thoughts!). Mindfulness is an opportunity to befriend ourselves and learn to cultivate kind habits to respond to the disease with more ease. I can't wait to share these practices so that you too can live peacefully with chronic illness.  Be Kind to Yourself, t 

the Be MNDFL Masterclass + IBD Care

Will Help You...

◇ Feel Grounded in the Present

◇ Feel Peaceful Even During a Flare

◇ Cultivate Kindness for Yourself

◇ Care for your Body

Learn the Foundations of Mindfulness
Feel Confident to Start a Daily Meditation Practice


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21-Day Mindfulness Course

for Women with Autoimmune Disease



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